This blog follows the wonderful Leonberger dogs and puppies of the Wanderweg family. We are located in eastern Canada in beautiful Nova Scotia. We hope you will enjoy learning about our dogs and watching our puppies grow! They will certainly be too cute!


We are very sad – Holly has no puppies :-(

Well we do not have any good news. We did the ultrasound this morning on Holly and searched and searched for any chance of puppies and there was none. I don’t know what we could have done differently as everything was perfect with the breeding. We are so sad and disappointed that this breeding didn’t work, the puppies would have truly been amazing in every way….

So we have to look for the future and hopefully Priscilla will have some beautiful puppies later in the summer. We can’t imagine a summer without the pitter-patter of lots of sweet puppies running and playing everywhere. More information coming soon on Priscilla’s puppies.


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