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Introducing Riley’s Puppies

We are so happy to introduce Riley’s puppies the 'Y R U so beautiful' litter. We have 4 gorgeous girls and 5 sweet boys. The puppies were born on July 3 and are now 2.5 weeks old. This litter has definitely kept us busy the first two and a half weeks, but the puppies and Riley are all doing great now, and we are very thankful and happy about that. The puppies’ eyes are starting to open, and they can hear loud noises now. Riley is the absolute best mom and has been with the puppies for 16 days straight helping to make sure that they are all taken care of. Please contact us for more information on our summer 2023 Leonberger puppies. We hope you enjoy our newest Leo crew.

Lime Boy

Red Boy

Blue Boy

Green Boy

Black Boy

Yellow Girl

Purple Girl

Light Pink Girl

Dark Pink Girl


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