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Pixie's puppies are 7 weeks old!

We are so delighted with these puppies. They are the sweetest and cutest puppies ever. We can't believe that they will be heading to their new homes soon. Here they are at 7 weeks of age.

Light pink girl is the sweetest puppy. She is very wiggle and her tail is always going. This busy little one is going on happy little girl. We love her so much

Dark Pink girl has stolen my heart. She is a gorgeous puppy, and is so much like her mom. We love her.

Purple girl is a true beauty. She's a mild manner puppy and is as sweet as can be. Such a pretty face she has. We think she is so special.

Green boy is a special laid back guy. He is a gorgeous puppy with so much breed type. He is going to be a stunner. We just love him.

Big Blue boy is a handsome pup. He has big bones to go along with his big body! He looks very much like his dad Viking. We love him.

Red boy is a gem. He is so special and sweet and loves everyone. His white speck on his nose is so cute and distinct. We just love him to pieces.


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Unknown member
May 06, 2021

Looking for a big friend, still miss my Sweet Rottie, I miss big dog energy. We live on 14 acres, fenced run. Next doo to huskys . We are experienced dog owners since 1998. Love to meet a Leonberger.

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