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Wanderweg’s ‘P’ litter is 7.5 weeks old!

The puppies are now 8 weeks old and are growing up so fast!  They have been on the leash now and are great little walkers!  They love it!  Several have been in the car and the rest will be over the next few days to get them ready to go to their homes!  They are still enjoying their puppy yard and their brothers and sisters!  Soon they will start going to their new homes!

Light Pink Girl also called Peanut.  

The princess of the family and the sweetest puppy ever.  She’s a super special little girl.  We will miss her so much when she goes to her special home.  We can’t wait to see how she grows.  

Goldie Girl.

Another super sweet puppy, who loves everyone especially kids.  She’s a gem and so much like her mom Ruby.  

Purple Girl.

This little girl has some spunk to her.  She’s a boxy little puppy with the cutest little face.  She’ll be staying with us for a while.  

Dark Pink Girl.

She’s a lovely puppy with a super sweet character.  Ready to snuggle and gives lots of kisses.

 Blue Boy.

What a cutie this sweet boy is.  He’s got the sweetest face and is a total love bug.

Green Boy.

We can’t wait to watch this beautiful puppy grow.  He is also as sweet as they come. 

Lime Boy.

This boy has some character and thought it might be fun to see who was holding the camera.  He’s a super special Leo.  We love him so much!

Maroon Boy.

This little guy makes us laugh.  He has the most energy of Ruby’s puppies and is very lively and happy.  

 Orange Boy.

What a special puppy this sweetie is.  He is like Maroon boy and has some energy.  He is ready for an adventure and adores kids.  

Black boy.

This puppy is so laid back.  He’s the most laid back puppy in the litters.  He is super cute and loves everyone!  


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