This blog follows the wonderful Leonberger dogs and puppies of the Wanderweg family. We are located in eastern Canada in beautiful Nova Scotia. We hope you will enjoy learning about our dogs and watching our puppies grow! They will certainly be too cute!


The super 7 are three weeks old!

Well that week even went faster than the last … and the puppies are three weeks old. They are so funny and are moving everywhere in the box, exploring, biting, playing, sitting, rolling, and giving kisses! We love the kisses. They are finding their voices and talk to each other. They are all so cute! Little girl is doing great and though she is still much littler than the others she is super sweet. Big boy blue is the biggest of the puppies, with green boy a close second. Next week will be a big week for them when they move out of their box and into an expanded world. They will also start to get visitors soon too. That should be much fun! Zoey is doing great and still is quite attached with the puppies.


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