This blog follows the wonderful Leonberger dogs and puppies of the Wanderweg family. We are located in eastern Canada in beautiful Nova Scotia. We hope you will enjoy learning about our dogs and watching our puppies grow! They will certainly be too cute!


The puppies are 3 weeks old!

The puppies are all doing great and Zoey has be a fabulous mom to them.  She keeps everything very neat and tidy.  They are fat and happy puppies and are so cute!  They had a big week!  Their eyes are now fully open and they can hear too!  They are still in their whelping box but are looking forward to an expanded area, which they will get in a few days.  They are getting so big that they hardly fit into the whelping box anymore!  Today at 3 weeks they have been introduced to some formula for them to lap up and they are pretty happy about that!  They are also walking around and are starting to play just a little bit!  Too cute!


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