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The puppies are 3 and a half weeks old!

The puppies have had a big week!  Their eyes are fully open and they can hear.  They are starting to play and wrestle with each other.  They are growing their personalities and are enjoying having some visitors.  Talia and Ruby are both sharing puppy duty as all the puppies are now together in a bigger space!  They are loving the extra room to move around and grow their bones.  A few of the smaller puppies in Ruby’s litter still are sleeping in the box with Ruby, but not for too many more days.  They grow up so fast.  This week they will start to eat some canned puppy food, which they will love. They are also learning from the other dogs in the house!  Zara, who is almost one year old is loving the puppies, she is very gentle with them!  It’s so adorable.

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