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The puppies are 2 weeks old!

Wow it’s hard to believe that the puppies are already two weeks old.  They are all doing great!  Their eyes are now almost completely opened, and so they are even cuter than before!  Their ears are still not completely open, but maybe they can hear a little.  They are walking now, or at least trying to, and even starting to play with each other, just a little!  They can make quite a lot of noise when they are hungry, but are still mostly sleeping and are very happy quiet puppies.  They have had their nails cut and have had extensive handling.  They are very snuggly puppies!  They are going to grow out of their box really quickly especially with how big Tia is and how fast they are growing!  But for the next few days will remain in their whelping box… though a few have escaped over the door already!  Teal continues to be a monster pup, weighing in at 1.5 Kg at 2 weeks old!  The others are all good sized too, but Teal is bigger than the rest!  Tia is a fantastic mom, she is very relaxed around them and now lets most of the other dogs near them without a care.  Hailee has been in the box with the puppies to check them all out, and soon will take over part of their care!!  Tia won’t mind a bit when that happens!


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