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The fur is flying!

Well the weather is so hot here and with hot weather comes the flying fur! We always get the question ‘do they shed?’ Well the short answer it yes and the long answer is yes! They shed a lot when they really blow their coats when the weather turns really hot. The best way to get the undercoat out is to give them a nice bath with good quality shampoo made for dogs and the blow them dry with a dryer. That really helps to loosen up the undercoat and then you can brush it all out.

So here is Stella in her summer attire and she is very happy to have all that fluffy undercoat out. Now this was just one brushing of her and she had already lost a LOT of fur before I got the brush out! Fur really does fly around here! But Stella is looking so very pretty and feeling great! We love Stella and think she is so beautiful!

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