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That’s all for now!

Well the puppies will soon be going to their new homes so our blog will slow down for a while. We hope that you have enjoyed watching these beautiful puppies grow. We wish them all long and healthy lives with lots of love and yummy doggie treats. One of those sweet little girls will be staying here with us. We will post some pictures soon on which one she is! We will keep the blog going and post occasionally some pictures of our dogs and dogs from our kennel, but the frequency of postings will likely not be too great. Hopefully next spring, yes that is 2010, we will be blessed with one or maybe even two new litters of Leo puppies. We already can’t wait for those special puppies to arrive! I am sure they will be too cute, just like these special puppies! So stay tuned and we hope you will join us back next year for our new puppy adventures!


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