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Puppies are a week old!

Well it is almost impossible to imagine that the puppies are already a week old!  Where did the week go?  The puppies are all doing amazing… they are very fat and healthy puppies.  At just a week all but two of them are well over a kilogram!  Those are big kids!

The puppies are from left to right, red boy, light pink girl, dark pink girl, green boy and black boy.  

Here is purple girl!  She is so sweet.  

And here is lime boy!  He is so cute!  

They are very snuggly, but still are mostly sleeping and eating and moving around their box.  Talia is being  a very calm mom… she isn’t bothered by much.  She is doing a great job caring for her puppies.

 Lime boy getting some snuggles!  What a cutie they all are.

The puppies will continue to eat and sleep but around week 2 they should be opening their eyes and starting to hear.  Stay tuned for more puppy pictures!  


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