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Priscilla is growing … a little!

Well it is now 6 weeks since Priscilla was bred and she is getting a little round. She is certainly pregnant, but we are wondering how many puppies are growing in there? I am always trying to figure this out before the x-ray we do to count the puppies right before the puppies are born. So I sometimes measure the girls to see how much size they gain. I measure them at their waist and also about where the last rib is. The measurements aren’t exact and there is some uncertainty but some people claim the female will grow 1 inch for each puppy.

My first measurement with Priscilla was last week when she measured 28″ around the waist and 34″ right behind the last rib. Today she is 29″ and 35″ so she is gaining – a little! I’ll post her measurements in a couple of days! Most of the size comes between 6 and 8 weeks! We hope that she has a few puppies growing in there!


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