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Molly’s puppies are 7.5 weeks old. So very cute they are!

 Black boy is the sweetest puppy with a charming attitude.  He’s a mild mannered boy and is just gorgeous. 

Light blue boy is a fun loving pup who loves to dig holes to sleep in.  He’s a sweet boy who has a lot of presence.  

Midnight blue boy is a dark and handsome boy that is growing fast.  He is a mild mannered boy who is going to be a sweet love.  

Goldie girl is the cutest puppy with her four white feet and her white chest.  She has an adorable and special character.  Full of love.  

Green girl is a super sweet puppy who is all about love.  She loves to be in the kitchen with us and is already very spoiled.  She is a smart pup who will be a truly lovely Leo.  

Lime girl is a super cute puppy and also has four white feet.  She’s a gorgeous girl with a fun and spunky character.  

Purple girl moves to her own beat.  She’s always the last one standing and is a very playful and energetic puppy.  She’s a cutie!  

Red girl is a beauty with her dark puppy coat.  She’s a big girl with a silly and friendly character.  


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More information is coming soon! Please contact us if you are interested in one of our sweet Spring 2021 puppies. We are starting to fill our reservation list.

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