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Wanderweg’s ‘O’ litter is 7.5 weeks old!

Wow look at these beautiful puppies growing up so fast.  They are amazing puppies with sweet and lovely personalities.  We are so pleased with how they are growing.  Each now has their own little character.  Talia continues to be an awesome mom and plays with the puppies daily.  They are all still learning doggie stuff from Talia and Ruby and the other dogs and of course all the other puppies.  One more week and most will be off to their new homes.  We cannot believe how fast the time goes!  It’s been a crazy summer with the two litters but lots and lots of puppy love.   Please contact us if you are interested in one of our lovely Leo puppies.

Black Boy.  

Such a sweetie with a lovely calm temperament!

Blue Boy.  

Blue loves everyone and has the fastest tail ever!  It never stops wagging!

Green Boy.  

One of the quieter puppies who is so sweet!  He’s a delight!

Lime Boy.  

A sweet and friendly boy who loves everyone.  Such a cutie!

Red Boy.  

A stunning puppy who is going to be a big boy.  He’s already got a long legs!

Teal Boy.  

He’s a super sweet puppy with a lot of energy.  Such a cutie. 

Dark Pink Girl.  

A beautiful puppy who melts your heart.  What a sweetie!

Light Pink Girl.  

She’s a feisty one with a lot of energy. Going to be like her wonderful mum.

Purple Girl.  

Such a sweetie who loves everyone.  She also has energy but is very patient and loving.  


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