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Happy 8th birthday Wanderweg’s A litter!

A very happy birthday to all those beautiful puppies born all those 8 years ago! We are so happy that so many from the litter of 12 are doing so well! We know that each of their owners are giving them a special extra tummy rub and a special extra treat today to celebrate all those long and wonderful lives. What a special litter our A litter is! A number of the puppies were born pretty tiny and our sweet Elly, who was Isaac’s mom, really saved the day by helping feed the smaller puppies. Elly never really liked her job but she would come in and the puppies would feed and she was so sweet to them! All those memories! Such a beautiful litter of lovely Leonbergers!

Happy birthday to Wanderweg’s A Leo litter! We wish you all a great day and many more great years! Hugs and kisses to all!


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